Brooklyn Botanic Garden

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Free Tuesday
990 Washington Ave, New York, NY
(718) 623-7200

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Schedule:                 Tuesdays to Fridays, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 pm

                                Saturdays and Sundays 10 a.m. to 4:30

                                Closed on Mondays

Free Admission:        Tuesdays

                                Saturday 10am to 12:00pm

                                Winter Weekdays

                                (December to February)

                                Seniors: Fridays

                                Children under 12 years

It is located in the Park Slope neighborhood and its part of the whole plant of Prospect Park, there are three entrances to the garden, one on Eastern Parkway, next to the metro station on Washington Avenue, behind the Museum of Brooklyn on Flatbush Avenue and Empire boulevard, you can start at the Bonsai Museum, the flag with its tropical rain forest, desert flag and arid area's ecosystem.

In summer you have to visit the collection of more than 100 lotus flowers in water lilies and you can visit the Esplanade of cherry trees, has more than 40 varieties of oriental cherry, another site with Eastern philosophy is the Japanese Garden with water fountains, fish ponds. Within the garden area it is also home to the Shakespeare Garden to 80 poisonous species.

Our advice:

The Botanical Garden celebrates Spring Festival Japanese tradition, called Hanami where you can picnic and collect fallen petals in glasses of sake, this celebration that lasts two days and where more than 60 performances, it’s called Sakura Matsuri the best time to visit is in the morning, where is not that warm.

If you have a private and particular garden, in the specialty store, you can find all kinds of tools, seeds and species of a botanical garden.

The Garden has a rental service for family events such as weddings and anniversaries.

If you are using a car, parking is on Washington Avenue and its shared with the Brooklyn Museum.

When it is available don’t forget to take the celebrity route where you can see a tribute of figures born in Brooklyn.

Free tours every weekend at 1:00 pm.