Taxis are one of the most representative things in NYC, usually they have a light indicator on the roof that informs if they are free, if it is off means they're busy.

Have you ever wonder Why are they yellow? A study by the University of Chicago concluded that this color is easier to see from a distance and, therefore, it was adopted for taxis in the city.

Some comments made by tourists, has said that taxi fares are not too expensive when there is a group of people to take the cab, but keep in mind that it may be cheaper another way to get around the city.

The arrangement of the normal taxis in the city is four passengers, if you decide to take a taxi, you just raise your hand to call one.

Our advice:

In the city of New York, you can not call to arrange for a taxi to pick you up, but you can call a car service for this. Taxis can be hailed in the street to pick
up passengers, while car services only pick up passengers who have called this service.

If you prefer the car service to a taxi, there are some limo services that we recommend reading for stylish travel around the city.