Winter Antiques Show

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643 Park Ave, New York, NY
(212) 616-3930
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    Lexington Avenue / 59th Street
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    Lexington Avenue – 63rd Street

Winter Antiques Show

Winter Antiques Show

Location:         Arsenal de Park Avenue on 67th street

Date:                From January 24th to February 2nd, 2020

             Opening night January 23rd, 2020

Admission:     There will be a fee, includes catalog

The New York Winter Antiques Fair is held on Park Avenue, the fair is very prestigious among American collectors, offering all kinds of opportunities to collectors, design professionals and merchants, as well as buyers, to acquire pieces of exceptional collection, with its 75 exhibitors.

One third of the exhibitors at the Antiques Fair in New York are occupied by American specialists, while the rest are made up of European, English and Asian specialists. Visitors who attend this fair can find all kinds of items and pieces ranging from vases of ancient Rome to pieces of mid-century, with the guarantee of knowing that each and every one of the items have certificates of authenticity, date and conditions, by a committee of 160 experts from the United States and Europe.

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Our Advice:

●        All proceeds from tickets, parallel parties and other related events are donated to the East Side House Association to help poverty as philanthropic funds.

●        Due to the large crowds in the hall on weekends, baby strollers are not permitted. This regulation protects the safety of the child.

●        Disability access is through the Lexington Avenue entrance.

●        For security reasons, it is necessary that the public's bags, backpacks, large bags, briefcases, tote bags are checked and any other            items considered too large by the Security.