Pillow Fight

Pillow Fight

Location:                         Washington Square Park

Date:                              April 4, 2020

Time:                              3:00 pm

This massive event pillow fight attracts thousands of people, has performed in more than 100 cities around the world, it's interesting as a social phenomenon as attendees make new friends and old friends find ways to meet again.

The event is free and suitable for all ages, whistles, air horns and whistles sea to start the fight are used, it is best to expect the site is full, the signal sounds !! Once people start to sway, most of your work is done, this is the part where you start enjoying, start hitting people with his own pillow, sometimes people start laughing uncontrollably, is an event to enjoy the maximum.

We have not heard that the police have made arrests in connection with the pillow fight, the fight can last two hours or more and is much more fun with pillows.

Our advice:

There are some general patterns of behavior in the fight, such as:

soft pillows are recommended

turn fast, many people will be moving at the same time

Without beating people without a pillow or with cameras

Do not use prescription eyeglasses

Use rubber or vinyl gloves

Bring garbage bags and brooms to collect waste in the end, the pillows will be donated to various city shelters

If you want to learn how to organize a pillow fight, visit this link:  http://pillowfightday.com/new-york-city