La Guardia Airport (LGA)

Airport La Guardia (LGA)

Located in front of Flushing Bay in Queens, is the busiest airport in the United States.

There are 4 terminals in La Guardia, connected by buses and walkways. LaGuardia, use the courtesy bus service to transfer between terminals and parking lots.

People with red jackets will help you in case you get lost or need information. But if you want to see a map, you'll find it here:

If you wish, you can rent a car company Hertz or other, in the airport, you will find taxis and limousine services that will take you where you need it. But if you need to transport quickly to another airport in New York, the helicopter service is available, for more information about this service go to:, in case you want to do a Helicopter tour, you will find information here.

Our advice:

A better and easier access to the airport will be found  in the FlySmart application; remember that you have 30 minutes of free wi-fi at all airports.