Central Park Zoo

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830 5th Ave, New York, NY
(212) 439-6500
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    Fifth Avenue / 59th Street

Central Park Zoo

Schedule:                      Opened 365 days

                                     From 10:00 am to 5:30 pm

Admission:                    Ticket is required

The Central Park Zoo is located within the park, entering 5th Avenue between 63 and 66 street, its a small zoo, it has 130 different species ranging from Snow Leopard to tropical birds, to polar bears, penguins and other species which are found in habitats carefully designed to recreate the natural environment of the animals at home. The Zoo is organized and easy to make the tour it lasts about an hour, is recommended for children, it is divided into two stages; in the second stage you can interact with certain small animals that you can feed. In winter you can see how they train and feed the penguins, sea lions, seals and red pandas.

Our advice:

The entrance to the zoo includes the 4D Theater, but it is optional, which has special effects, the chair moves, snow falls, etc. The movie lasts 13 minutes.

This is a very New Yorker Zoo attraction, its not for mass tourism, additionally provides interactive lessons with live animals, they are taught from Monday to Friday, weekends and in school holidays.

Visit the souvenir shop to buy unique wild items, including stuffed animals and children's books, toys, games and more. A gift basket is parked outdoors during the warmer months of the season.