Tenement Museum

Schedule: Friday - Wednesday 10 a.m. to 6:30 pm

                  Thurs 10am - 8:30 pm


The Tenement Museum tells the story of immigrants in the city of New York, founded in 1988, it offers several tours, visiting apartments fully restored times visits.

It is located in an apartment complex that housed more than 7,000 immigrants from 20...

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Federal Hall

Schedule:             Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

                            Saturday – Sunday closed

Admission:           Free admission


Federal Hall is located on Wall Street in New York City, was the first...

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Federal Reserve Bank New York

                    Tour for schools

Schedule:     Mondays to Fridays except holidays

                    Between 10:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.


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Museum of American Finance

Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 10am - 4pm


Located in the former headquarters of the Bank of New York, the US financial Museum was founded in 1988 to illustrate the wealth, prosperity and for some the greed. Celebrating entrepreneurship of the United States in its financial capital.

The main objective of the museum is to collect and preserve historical artifacts and financial documents to...

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New York Police Museum

Hours: Currently closed (It is undergoing renovation)


The Police Museum New York is located in a former police station, dedicated to preserving and displaying the long history of the Police Department of the city, being the largest and most famous of the world police body.

The museum strives to be an accessible resource for all communities in the city of New York. Through its...

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Merchants House Museum

Schedule:      Thursday 12 pm to 8 pm, 6:30 pm Guided tours

                        Friday - Monday 12 pm to 5pm, tours 2 pm


The Merchants House Museum is a house with Greek Revival architecture converted into a museum. Built in 1832 close to Washington Square, it was inhabited for 100 years by a...

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Dyckman Farmhouse

Schedule: Thursday - Saturday 11AM - 4pm

                  Sunday 11pm - 3pm

Winter hours: Friday - Saturday 11AM - 4pm


The Dyckman Farmhouse Museum is a farmhouse of Dutch colonial style. It was built in 1784 and reflects that period of history, being the oldest building in Manhattan today. It was originally part of hundreds of hectares...

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Museum of the City of New York

Hours:    Monday - Sunday 10am to 6pm


Founded in 1923 as a private corporation, nonprofit, Museum connects the past, present and future of New York, preserving original materials related to the history of the city. It serves the people of New York and visitors from around the world through exhibitions, schools, programs, publications and collections.

Collections: His...

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The Paley Center For Media

Hours: Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 12 pm to 6 pm

             Thursday 12 pm to 8 pm


Founded in 1975, called the Museum of Television and Radio (MT & R), but with the advancement of technology such as the internet, cellular and podcasting, an institution created more in line with these developments and thus was born Paley Center for...

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The Conference House

Schedule: Friday - Sunday 1pm - 4pm


The Conference House (also known as Casa Billop) built approximately in 1680, is located near the southern end of the district of Staten Island, New York, in its first century was a wheat farm.

In 1776 here it took place the Peace Conference, which tries to end the war of independence. Edward Rutledge, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin and Lord Howe were...

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Van Cortlandt House Museum

Hours: Tuesday - Friday 10am - 4pm

             Saturdays - Sundays 11am - 4pm


Van Cortlandt House Museum, also known as Federick Van Cortlandt House or Van Cortlandt House, is the oldest building in the Bronx, New York. The house was built with Georgian in 1748. The Van Cortlandts was prominent in the city affairs mercantile family.

The house was used...

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New York Historical Society Museum & Library

Hours: Tuesday - Thursday 10am - 6pm

             Fri 10am - 8pm

             Saturday 10am - 6pm

             Sundays 10am - 5pm


The New York Historical Society, is one of the most important cultural institutions in the United States. Is dedicated to promoting research, present the...

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Brooklyn Museum

Schedule:          Wednesday and Weekends from 11 a.m. to 6:00 pm
 Thursdays from 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
                          Monday - Tuesday Closed


The Brooklyn Museum is one...

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Post Office New York

The James A. Farley Post Office Building is the main post office building in New York City Its ZIP code designation is 10001, located on 8th Avenue between 31st and 33rd street, It is an impressive building that was built in 1913, The main façade occupies two blocks, and has a grand staircase where 20 classic columns rest, the building is famous for bearing the inscription: "Neither...

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Historic Richmond Town

Timetable: Wednesday - Sunday 1pm - 5pm


The Historic Richmond Town is a small village made up of more than 30 historic buildings and sites dating from the late 17th century and early 20th century, the complex spans more than 100 acres.

It allows you to experience firsthand the colonial era, as they try to preserve the site as it was two centuries ago. Workers are there dressed as...

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City Island Nautical Museum

Schedule: Saturdays and Sundays 1pm - 5pm


If you just want to escape to a small fishing village and eat fresh seafood, you can go to Island City, located in the Bronx, is connected to the mainland by a narrow bridge. Island City is an active boating community throughout the year. It measures 2.4 kilometers long and only half a kilometer wide, where we find restaurants, shops, galleries,...

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Noble Maritime Collections

Schedule: Thursday - Sunday 1pm - 5pm


Maritime Collection Staten Island (Noble Maritime Collections) is a museum located in the Sailors' Snug Harbor.

The aim of the museum is to preserve and celebrate contemporary marine life and history. In addition to exhibitions, has a maritime library, studio recorded, programs for school children, programs for teachers.

Exhibitions and...

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9/11 Memorial Museum

Schedule:        Sunday - Thursday 9am - 8pm.   last entry 6pm

                        Friday - Saturday 9am - 9pm.     last entry 7pm

Location:         Underground Zone 9/11 Memorial, World Trade Center.


9/11 Memorial Museum was opened in May 2014, 13...

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