Chinatown is a place with high increasing immigrant Chinese population of the western world, located between Tribeca, and little Italy.. It is now a colorful neighborhood, filled with posters written in Chinese with vegetables and fruit vendors and fishmongers on every street, especially in Canal Street and Mulberry. This explosion of colors reaches its maximum splendor in the first full...

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Columbus Park

Columbus Park is the only park in Chinatown, you want to immerse yourself in the Chinese culture, it is an ideal place to forget that you are in New York and get transported to China. This park was built in the center of the famous Five Points neighborhood. During the nineteenth-century, this area was the most dangerous places in New York; today is a center of recreation not only for residents...

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Tourist Information Center Chinatown

Tourist Information Center In Chinatown on Channel with Waker and Baxter streets there you will be given maps of the area, where you point out activities to perform in the area

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Museum Of Chinese In America

Hours:                      Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday,

                                11:00 am to 6:00 pm

closed                       Monday

Admission:       ...

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Museum at Eldridge Street

Schedule:     Sunday to Thursday 10am to 5pm

                      Friday 10am to 3pm

                      Closed Saturdays


It is one of the first synagogues in the United States. In December 2007 the Museum completed the restoration; it was a 20-year,...

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Manhattan Bridge

As well as the Brooklyn Bridge, the bridge of Manhattan is one of the most famous in New York and a symbol of the city, one of the best views of Manhattan with the Brooklyn Bridge in the foreground, gets across the bridge from Manhattan. And it's better if you make it by bus, simply by the visual platform that allows if you go by bus. The bridge is pendant, crosses the East River that...

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