Museo del Barrio

Schedule:   Wednesday to Saturday 11AM to 6PM

                    Sundays 11am to 5pm


Founded over thirty years ago, El Museo del Barrio, often known simply as El Museo (the museum) is the only place in New York City dedicated to Puerto Rico, the Caribbean and Latin American art. It is essential for anyone who wants to...

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The National Jazz Museum In Harlem

Hours:    Thursday to Monday 11 AM - 5 PM


The National Jazz Museum in Harlem is dedicated to preserving and celebrating the history of Jazz. Founded in 1997 by Leonard Garment, advisor to two US presidents, and an accomplished jazz saxophonist, Abraham D. Sofaer. It has played an important role in preserving legends like Duke Ellington, Benny Carter, Thelonious Monk,...

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Harlem, is totally different from the picture we see in the movies Yankees, is a neighborhood with its own culture, restaurants with affordable meals, jazz bars, musicians play in the street, these spacious, beautiful reddish; It is a good place for shopping, nothing is ever too expensive, quiet, no shows to see and hear, as do the tour of jazz, Jewish hiking, excluding the tour of Mass gospel...

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Apollo Theather

This is an average Price; it changes according to each event. The Theater Apollo is an essential visit for everything the one that comes to New York, to enjoy the Jazz, Pop, Soul, concerts, stage plays, its programming includes educational programs for the community, being constituted in the heart of the culture of Harlem. The building(edifice) is a neoclassical style and it is interesting to...

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Mass Gospel

In New York, the neighborhood of Harlem has the largest black population that meets every Sunday for a religious service may take up to three hours, in which the entire community participates with religious chants of Gospel Music. Attend a Gospel church has become a tourist activity, where they are well received, even let you take pictures and shoot video. The ideal is to attend the Sunday at...

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Harlem Sunday-Morning Gospel Tour

Departure Time: Sunday, 9am or 9:30 a.m. according to the preferred tour 

Duration: 4 hours


Harlem is a district of New York full of cultural diversity, unace a religious congregation to appreciate the spiritual power of gospel music, in this great journey to one of the liveliest of the city of New York neighborhoods.

In Harlem you will find amazing stories at every step. In...

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Harlem Wednesday-Morning Gospel Tour

Check Out: Wednesday 9am

Duration: 4 hours


In his tour of one of the liveliest neighborhoods of New York City, will tell fascinating stories of Harlem and contemplate its famous sights.

Harlem was once the most popular neighborhood in New York and is home to the elegant enclave Sugar Hill, an area once famous musicians like Duke Ellington. You will visit places like Strivers Row and...

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