Trinity Church

Schedule:                                  Monday - Friday


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Saint Patrick's Cathedral

Schedule:           Every day from 6:30 am. to 8:45 pm

                           Sundays at 4:00 pm.  Eucharist in Spanish

The St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York is the largest Catholic cathedral in...

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St Pauls Chapel Morningside Heights

St Pauls Chapel It is a small chapel without denomination within a landscaped garden area to one of the best architectural spaces on the campus of the University of Columbia, just east of Low Memorial Library. Designed as a gift from Olivia and Caroline Stokes, in memory of James Stokes and his wife Caroline Phelps Built in Byzantine style with elements of detail Italian Renaissance, the Church...

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Museum at Eldridge Street

Schedule:     Sunday to Thursday 10am to 5pm

                      Friday 10am to 3pm

                      Closed Saturdays


It is one of the first synagogues in the United States. In December 2007 the Museum completed the restoration; it was a 20-year,...

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Cathedral St John the Divine

Was sent to build by the Episcopal Diocese of New York, the construction started in 1892, as "home of prayer for all nations", and was intended to compete with European cathedrals. Under the orders of the Heins architects and La Farge in Byzantine style/romanesque, designed with solid granite columns that surround the high altar, as well as the barrel vaulted ceilings of tiles. The...

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Riverside Church

Riverside Church Located on the Upper West Side, on the edge of the communities of the city of New York and Harlem Morningside. Its Gothic tower stands as a beacon to the world and continues to bring people with very different perspectives between if. Riverside Church has always been a place of progress and of protest, with great ideals. From the beginning, when it first opened its doors with...

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