Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge crosses the East River, it’s a New York City symbol and also marked a milestone in history for using steel for the first time in this type of construction. Currently, it has two levels, the lower level has three lanes for each direction where the cars go, and the upper level is used by bicycles and pedestrians. The bridge walkway starts at the intersection of Tillary...

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Location:   Brooklyn, bordering Greenpoint, Bedford-Stuyvesant and Bushwick.

Directions: by bike, car or on foot just cross the Williamsburg Bridge.

                   Bus: B24, B44, B46, Q54 and B60


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Manhattan Bridge

As well as the Brooklyn Bridge, the bridge of Manhattan is one of the most famous in New York and a symbol of the city, one of the best views of Manhattan with the Brooklyn Bridge in the foreground, gets across the bridge from Manhattan. And it's better if you make it by bus, simply by the visual platform that allows if you go by bus. The bridge is pendant, crosses the East River that...

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George Washington Bridge

George Washington Bridge (GWB) connects the city of New York with the state of New Jersey across the Hudson River. It is the busiest bridge with vehicles in the world to be crossed by Interstate 95, a road that runs along the east coast of the United States from side to side, from the Canadian border to Miami, Florida. Designed by the architect Cass Gilbert and the engineer Othmar Ammann, the...

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Queensboro Bridge

The Queensboro Bridge is the most western of the four bridges over the river which bears a number of state route, the NY 25 that finishes in the west end of the bridge. Often, a bridge is called as the 'Street Bridge 59' because its end in Manhattan is located between 59th Street and 60th Street. Originally baptized Blackwells Island Bridge, and created with the intent to link the...

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