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Where to smoke in New York? "Smell the flowers…Don't smoke".  In the 1700 New York City's parks, lighting a cigarette was penalised with $50. If you visit New York it is good that you have knowledge that is virtually banned smoking in public places. 

¿Where to smoke in New York? Corners, out of the buildings or bars and...

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Sales tax in New York City is 8,875 % including New York State and Cit,. There's no sales tax on clothes and footwear costing $110 or less.

Sales tax are charged on clothes and footwear costing more than $110. Remember Sales tax are not included in the price listed the 8,875% will be add it to your bill at the register.

Food at restaurants and Coffe shops are also taxable.

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New York is a city where students and professionals from everywhere come here trying to make their dreams come true, actors and actresses come to audition trying to get into Broadway or a theater company; meanwhile, all these students and professionals make their living in New York working as waiters. In New York waiters work base on tips their salaries are below the minimum wage, this is the...

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Visitors With Disabilities

If you or one of your family members are traveling to New York City with a disability, you will have no problem accessing any sites, restaurants, hotels, or other establishments. Buildings in the city almost always have ramps to facilitate wheelchair access, and public transit usually has elevators, escalators, or ramps for those who need them. In addition, there are always parking spaces on...

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Traveling With Kids

Many families decide to travel to New York City with the whole gang – including small children. If you’re visiting in the winter, one of the most important things to remember is to make sure you have all of the necessary items that are needed to keep your kids warm. New York City gets very cold and windy in the winter, and if you or your children aren’t warm, it could...

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How to Get Around

Manhattan Island is where most of the city's attractions are located, being in the center of the Big Apple is relatively easy, just keep in mind that the Avenues run from north to south in one direction or with some small changes. And the Streets run from West to East. Uptown means to the north or the Bronx and Downtown, refers to Lower Manhattan or Brooklyn. We can find many references...

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Winter: Winter officially begins on December 21st (although the thermal sensation can be cold starting December) and ends on March 21st, it is recommended to bring appropriate clothing, gloves, scarves, earmuffs, good waterproof boots are recommended for walking on snow, some people may even use several layers of clothing.

Lower temperatures are felt between January and February.


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