Staten Island Ferry

For all visitors that want to see the Statue of Liberty but that also want to cut back on extra expenses; your best option is coming to Pier 1, you can get there by taking the 1, which is the red line to South Ferry or the R yellow line to White Street South Ferry station. Remember, the Staten Island Ferry works 24-hours a day, departing every half-hour according to schedule. The Ferry...

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Taxis are one of the most representative things in NYC, usually they have a light indicator on the roof that informs if they are free, if it is off means they're busy.

Have you ever wondered, Why are they yellow? A study by the University of Chicago concluded that this color is easier to see from a distance and, therefore, it was adopted for taxis in the city.

Some comments made by...

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MTA Busses and Trains

New York has one of the oldest and most complete transportation systems in the world. It is a city where it's not necessary to have a car, and most times, it's much easier to use public transportation than it is to drive yourself. With more than 5 million people using New York City transportation every day, it is safe, reliable, and inexpensive.

If you need help with directions, most...

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Amtrak / New Jersey Rail

Amtrak Provides comfortable intercity train services and it is another fun way to get to know the United States. The most popular routes are the Northeast, including Boston, New York, Newark, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington and many other country sides. Visit the official Amtrak website for more information on schedules, routes, and trip offers. New Jersey Rail This train...

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