John Fitzgerald Kennedy Airport

Undoubtedly the most important of the three airports of New York city, the John Fitzgerald Kennedy is located in Queens.

If you've been to this airport you will agree that it is huge and it is easy to get lost, so it’s good to know that information center representatives are in red jackets, they can help you; there also are Welcome Centers located in each terminal.

In case you...

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La Guardia Airport (LGA)

Located in front of Flushing Bay in Queens, is the busiest airport in the United States.

There are 4 terminals in La Guardia, connected by buses and walkways. LaGuardia, use the courtesy bus service to transfer between terminals and parking lots.

People with red...

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Newark Airport

Located in Newark, New Jersey, it’s second in size after JFK, it serves not only to New Jersey but also to the entire area of New York, is the farthest but offers more modern services, has both local and international flights, and three terminals connected by the AirTrain.

When you leave the airport you can take the train from New Jersey or Amtrak to Penn Station in Midtown.

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Transport to the Airport

Parking at Airports: JFK and La Guardia Parking costs 4 dollars every half hour. If you enter and finish parking in 15 minutes, you don't have to pay anything. Shuttle (shared transfer from the airport to hotel or vice versa), there are several shuttle buses at the airport, prices range between $15 and $18 per person,  in some of them if you can make the reservation by...

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